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Piano Lessons for Adults


For adults 18+, lessons are tailored to each student's needs in an encouraging and fun environment.


A beginning book series is encouraged for beginners; for the more advanced, adults choose materials of interest to them and we go from there!


Playing in recital is optional for adults.


About the Studio: 


Welcoming home environment.  Toys and other materials are available if adults bring young children


PER LESSON RATE:        $20.00 per (45 min. lesson)

                                          $28.00 per  (60 min. lesson)


PAID MONTHLY RATE:    $18.00 per (45 min. lesson)

                                         $26.00 per (60 min. lesson)

For further information, contact Dixie at:  509-455-7061

Cancellation & Studio Policies

"The teacher I need must accept that he or she is my partner and helper and not my boss; that in this journey of musical exploration and adventure, I am the captain.  Expert guides and pilots I can use, no doubt about it.  But it is my expedition ...."  
William Westney, The Perfect Wrong Note


Colorful Drawing of Woman Playing Piano
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