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To love someone is to bid them to live - invite them to grow. 

             ~Louis Everley, That Man Is You



To play a wrong note is insignficant, but to play without passion is unforgivable.

~Ludwig van Beethoven


Getting the Most From Your Lessons


I teach students ages seven to adult and students younger with instructor permission. Lessons are tailored to each student's needs. Each lesson provides instruction, encouragement, and fun. We laugh a lot!

Youth Student Expectations:

  • Bring all piano books and materaials to your lesson each week.

  • Positive attitude and a willingness to try.  

  • Commitment to practice each day - length of practice determined by age and material studied.

  • Arrive on time, and if possible, a few minutes early.  

  • Demonstrate respect for your instructor, your instrument and yourself during lessons and practice time.


Parent Expections:

  • Parent supervision of lesson and practice time dramatically increases speed and quality of your child's progress!!

  • Make sure your child arrives ready for lessons with all of his or her books and materials.

  • Please call if you will be arriving late or need to reschedule your child's lessons.


Adult Student Expectations:

  • Bring all lesson materials each week.

  • Establish a comfortable but regular routine of practice.

  • Be willing to try and perservere.


Teacher Expections:

  • Each student's abilities are honored.

  • Lessons are tailored to the unique needs of each student.

  • Respect for each student and the work we are doing together.

  • High expectations. Weekly and seasonal goals are set for each student.


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