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Whimsical Dancing Notes in Shades of Blue and Green



I bring 30+ years teaching experience to my studio.  My lifelong careers in education and music, beyond teaching private piano, include teaching music in the public school setting, as well as teaching first, fourth and fifth grades in Washington and California public schools.  I also have considerable experience working with young children, having served as instructor and in various supervisory capacities at the preschool level. 


Music was my major in college, piano my principle instrument, and I continue to study as time and opportunity allow.  My most recent study took place online with instructor Allison Barr in the summer of 2020.  In 2018, I attended the Mid-Summer Piano Retreat in Williamstown, Massachusetts at Williams College, which was a happy coda to my wonderful retreat experience there in 2014.  Later in the fall of 2018, I attended an adult piano retreat at the Icicle Creek Center for the arts at the base of the Cascades near Leavenworth, WA.  Lisa Berguman, Gayle Holeton and guest artist, Chelsea Bloomberg offered private lessons, private practice, Master Classes, individualized movement assessment and an instructor concert amid the beautiful natural setting that is Leavenworth in the fall!   

I was the choral accompanist and pianist at the Unitarian Church in Spokane for nine years and continue to serve as their substitute pianist.  I also played for services in my home congregation, the Community of Christ in Spokane Valley, for many years.   


In addition to accompanying vocal and instrumental students in lessons, juries and  adjudications, I have enjoyed playing for church, school and community music productions, and have had the challenging privilege of starting and directing several children's choirs over the years.  I have directed numerous children's musical and play productions in the public school, as well as in the church setting. 


I enjoy studying and playing a wide variety of music genres from classical to jazz to sacred, New Age ~ and beyond.  I love teaching piano and working with students of all ages. I hope to continue to do so for many years!   I invite you to call for more information regarding myself and my studio.  



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