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Piano Lessons for Children & Teens


Instruction is offered to students ages seven and older.  (Adults welcome also!)  Students younger than seven are taken with instructor permission. Lessons are tailored to each student's needs in an encouraging and fun environment. 


Lesson Series Used:  Faber & Faber, Alfred, Bastien, Noona, and others.


Lessons include:   Instruction using lesson series, scales, arpeggios, cadence patterns, along with supplemental material ranging from classical to jazz and pop, sacred, etc.  Seasonal pieces and as well as student interests and goals are honored and encouraged.  A recital is held each Spring.    


About the Studio: 


My studio offers a welcoming home environment. Parents and siblings are welcome to stay during lessons. Toys for young siblings are available while waiting.   


PER LESSON RATE:        $20.00 per (45 min. lesson)

                                          $28.00 per  (60 min. lesson)


PAID MONTHLY RATE:    $18.00 per (45 min. lesson)

                                          $26.00 per (60 min. lesson)


For further information, contact Dixie at:  509-455-7061


Cancellations & Studio Policies





It is another good reason for respecting children,

even standing in awe of them.

The long period of childhood is not just a time of fragile immaturity and vulnerability,

not just a phase of development to be 'got through' before the real show of humanity emerges on stage.

It is the time when the human brain can set to work

on language, 

on taste,

on poetry and music,

with centers at its disposal that may not be available later on in life.

If we did not have childhood,

and were able, somehow, to jump catlike from infancy to adulthood, 

I doubt very much that we would turn out human. 

~Louis Thomas, The Fragile Species



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